As a member of the Sugaryield community, it is critical to know whether or not you are diabetic, and if so, what type of treatment you require. In essence of determining and assessing one's own health, our Pre-diabetes vault works via a sugary-catastrophy bond (SCP). The SCP bond is a critical financial component that rewards users who effectively study and analyse the health of a pegged crypto asset. If the users accurately analyze the underying asset's health, the SCP rewards them. Users can also hedge against the pegged assets by depositing BNB and receiving $SUGAR tokens.
Initially, users may only hedge against a restricted number of crypto currencies; including USDC BUSD, USDT, DAI. However, this scenario is likely to change in the future.

How Sugar Hedging functions?

Assume a user is concerned about the value of a specific stable coin "USDT" drifting from its market pegged value. They can opt to put part of their BNB into the SugarYield Sugar vault as collateral. In exchange, they would receive Sugar, which would appreciate in value if the stable coin "USDT" de-pegged from its pegged value.