Sugar Farming

Earn 5160% APR in every Epoch (7 days)
Farming your own $SUGAR in Sugaryield is an easy few-step procedure, that can be done in less than 5 minutes.
Firstly, users need to have an investment in the Caramel vault or the Saltish vault as a perquisite for farming $SUGAR
Secondly, user can farm in one of the four pairs/pools: USDC, USDT, BUSD, DAI.
The pools are: USDC/Caramel, USDC/Saltish, USDT/Caramel, USDT/Saltish, BUSD/Caramel, BUSD/Saltish, DAI/Caramel, DAI/Saltish
And Begun Farming!
Thirdly, the reward of the pool with be extracted from the 20% association of rewards from the tokenomics So each Farming pool will have the same amount of tokens allocated but eventually APR is different it all depends on number of contributors invesly proportional to the pool reward size!
Here it should be kept in mind that rewards will can be claimed In Sugar token once the EPOCH is end, which is 7 days duration.

Farms APR:

we have different farms like Caramel_BUSD, Caramel_USDT, Caramel_DAI, Caramel_BUSD | Saltish_BUSD, Saltish_USDT, Saltish_DAI, Saltish_BUSD. Emission rate for each farm is same but the APR is different. Here is the catch, our APR is not static it varies based on number of contributors. For instance if only one person stake his token then APR probably 1,298,000% but as long as contributors increase then APR may drop upto 5160%. Farm participants are inversely proportional to the pool size.
SugarYield Farms Emission rate is deflationary and sustainable in practicality, every year reward dropped down 20% and tokens burned! Farms reward is structured for the next 5 years!