Sugar Farilaunch

The Fair Launch PinkSale link will be Feb 7th, 14:00 UTC Time.
We will follow a Fair Launch and comply to Fair Launch Rules where everyone will be able to acquire $SUGAR tokens in an equal way on the PinkSale platform using BNB.
Fair Launch:
Whitelist - There is no whitelisting required. Everybody will have an equal chance to buy $Sugar on PinkSale at release time. First come, first serve. One good new for our participants is that there is no hardcap, however once our soft cap is reached, there will be no further available investment at the fair Launch rate. The only way to buy $Sugar will be on PankcakeSwap upon public market release via the $Sugar/BNB pair.
PancakeSwap Listing - After initial fair Launch funding has completed we will go to market by creating the $Sugar/BNB liquidity pair within 24 hours.
Pre-Launch funds will be used to create the PancakeSwap $Sugar/BNB liquidity pair. This liquidity will be locked for 10 long years via trusted PinkLock
$Sugar Tokenomics:
Total Supply - 20,000,000 Available to Purchase on PinkSale Pre-Launch - 4,000,000 Tokens for Liquidity - 2,280,000
Token Breakdown - 1,000,000 will be used for Core team funds(12 month linear vest). 4,000,000 vested in Sugar Farms reward for 5 long years 1% tokens will be unlocked after every 19 days and added to farms.
3,400,000 vested in SugarYield Treasury for 3 years. First unlock of vesting tokens in jan 2024 1% tokens will be unlocked after every 10 days for the next 3 years. Airdrop reward (320,000), Development funds (2,000,000), R&D Ecosystem (1,400,000), Marketing Funds (1,000,000), Advisory board (600,000)
PinkSale Pre-Launch:
PinkSale Fair-Launch Price - 1 BNB = 400,000 $Sugar as there is no hardcap so as long as more participates coming tokens against BNB respectively decreased.
Soft Cap - 10 BNB Hard Cap - no limit (If softcap hit participants must have to wait for fairlaunch to ends then market will be initialized and listing on pancakeswap). Minimum Purchase - 0.1 BNB Maximum Purchase - no limit
2X reward on vaults
5160% APR in Sugar Farms
Mobile App Live
PancakeSwap Launch:
PancakeSwap Launch Price - its fair launch same price on pcs listing.
Initial Market Cap (Estimate) - Depends on total raised funds (estimated $300k)