Post-diabetes is a secondary marketplace that runs on top of Pre-diabetes' tokenized vaults. Because collateral is locked up throughout the vault cycle, this secondary market allows for real-time position entry and exit via an order bookkeeping system. Transactions are carried out by signed transactions from the taker and are carried out on-chain utilizing contracts from 0x Protocols after being finalized by the taker. These contracts are tried and tested, guaranteeing that users have a pleasant trading experience.
Case study
Aimee invests $1100 in BNB into a Caramel vault and receives 1 Vault Token (an ERC-1155 token) in exchange. She then chooses to take gains at $1500, so she places a maker limit order for 1 Vault Token at $1700 on the Pre-diabetes platform. Bobby, who wants to enter the market, estimates the vault token is worth $1700. He has the option of placing a market order to purchase at the current market price or a limit order at his targeted entry price. The taker (Bobby) is liable for paying the gas expenses required to complete the transaction. Bobby can then redeem his Vault tokens for the underlying asset plus any fees at the end of the era.