SugarYield Mobile App

Download & Install Mobile App on Android Phones
In this guide, we will walk you through the utilization of our new app and highlight some of the functions available to our users. Enjoy your favorite DeFi protocol without leaving SugarYield platform.
SugarYield is finally live on Play Store for Android users! Now you can enjoy all sugar yield utilites of your choice within your mobile phone. This is a very important step for SugarYield project to become the most powerful crypto Super App.
1). Download & Install SugarYield App
2). Install SugarYield app from play store (android users)
3). Connect Metamask Wallet within SugarYield App
4). Check you BNB & Sugar Token Balance
5). If you have insufficient balance buy Sugar from pancakeswap (Not live on pcs yet)
6). Select desire vault, Caramel or Saltish. Every Epoch for 7 days where you have 2 days for deposit and remaining 5 days for price strike.
7). After locking your bnb on caramel or saltish vault you will get cSugar or sSugar recpectively, that can be later used for farms to get high APR upto 5160% in the form of Sugar tokens.
8). Once you have staked your cSugar/sSugar tokens you can claim your reward after 7 days or Epoch ends.
9). Once the Epoch End there are two cases a) Price Remain Same (No change) If the price Remains same Caramel Funds transfer to Saltish vault. Saltish Vault investors will get all funds based on their investment ratio. While Caramel users will get zero vault reward but they still eligible for farms APR reward. b) Price Trigger (Change) Caramel funds transfer to saltish vault and saltish vault funds transfer to caramel vault and distribute among all holders according to their investment ratio.
Note: This is our very first release of mobile app, our team is working on it and fix all errors and improve user experience. We appreciate your valuable feedback.
For more details please visit our youtube channel and review how to use mobile app.