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$Sugar is the governance token that will be used to define important parameters of the Sugar ecosystem. $Sugar is available for trading on pancakeswap.
$Sugar can be further locked for $LPSugar, allowing lockers to accumulate a larger share of governance power and accrue protocol fee revenue. Note that vanilla $Sugar is not eligible for protocol revenue distributions.
$LPSugar is a locked Sugar:BNB. The BPT is a Balancer Pool Token that serves as the liquidity base for Sugar, this token can be obtained by providing liquidity in the Sugar Pancakeswap pool. More information on pancakeswap LP tokens: here.
Obtaining $LPSugar
  • Claim $Sugar rewards on the “Claim Page”
  • Provide Sugar : BNB Liquidity to the pancakeswap pool
  • Lock the LP token for 4 or 10 weeks on the “Lock” page of the Dapp
New Participants
  • Buy $Sguar on the pancakeswap
  • Provide Sugar : BNB Liquidity to the pancakeswap
  • Lock the LP token for 4 or 10 weeks on the “Lock” page of the Dapp
As mentioned above, $Sugar holders will be able to provide liquidity in the Pancakeswap LP and lock that LP token for $LPSugar. The lock has 2 periods: 4 weeks and 10 weeks. 10 week lockers will receive 2x more protocol fees and governing power than 4 week lockers to ensure protocol alignment.
Fee Accrual
$LPSugar holders are eligible for 50% of all protocol fees generated on Sugar, the other 50% is reserved in the DAO Treasury for protocol maintenance, this allocation is based on the ongoing proposal which is set to conclude on Feb 28th.
Locks are grouped into weekly LPSugar epochs which start on every week. Deposits during the current epoch do not count towards currently active epoch fee distributions. Users need to lock their $Sugar for $LPSugar before the beginning of the epoch to be eligible for protocol revenue of that epoch. The first epoch will begin on 1st Feb at 23:59 UTC, and will follow a weekly structure thereafter, as such, users need to lock prior to Feb 23 23:59 UTC to be eligible for epoch 1 rewards.
Note: the first epoch will be allocated 50% of all of the protocol fees on top of the current vault epoch revenue. Hence the first $LPSugar epoch will have a vastly outsized reward rate.
Governing Power
Based on the outcome of governance proposal, $Sugar tokens have 1 vote, $Sugar locked for 4 weeks have 5 votes, $Sugar locked for 10 weeks have 10 votes.